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With this free smartphone application, Facebook Technologies advances Oculus. It enables you to sync your settings, connect to your buddies online, and link your Android device to your VR equipment. When events go live or new content is made available, you’ll also get notifications on your phone.

Can Android devices run Oculus?

Android smartphones running Marshmallow, version 6.0, are compatible with the Oculus software. You can use the Oculus store to purchase brand-new goods or access the library of games. You can manage your accounts and associated notifications if you’re using any Oculus VR equipment. When your pals are online and actively playing a particular game, you’ll also get a notification.

Which Android devices work with Oculus?

Even though any Android device meeting the aforementioned requirements can run the Oculus app, you might need a particular Android phone to use the headset. For instance, you would use a Galaxy S9, S8, or A8 if you required a Type-C USB. The Galaxy S7, S6, or Note 5 are more compatible with micro-USB connections.

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Oculus App

Does Oculus require WiFi?

In general, a USB connection is required if you want to connect to your headsets, like the Rift S or Quest 2. However, you’ll need an internet connection to link to your Oculus account and the Store. The same holds true if you want alerts regarding friend activity and live events.

Which Android VR app is the best?

The Oculus app works with the company’s game, VR equipment, and other items. Similarly, if you want to view movies in virtual reality, you might want to check out Netflix VR. YouTube VR allows you to see YouTube videos from a different angle, while Google Cardboard targets mobile gamers with its Cardboard VR glasses. It all comes down to what you intend to use it for.

Bring virtual reality (VR) to your smartphone

The world is embracing virtual and augmented reality, and mobile technology is keeping up. While a headset is still required, you can access your account and manage your games in one place. It implies that you don’t have to save up for a pricey PC in order to take advantage of the VR experience.

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Pros & Cons


  • mirroring your gadget
  • Join forces with your pals.
  • Play VR games.
  • Manage your Oculus account.


  • Requires continuous internet.